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QSC DSP-4 Digital Signal Processor


Apr 21, 2021
Has anyone got any experience using the QSC DSP-4 (or DSP-3 or DSP-30)?

I've just bought one to use with my subwoofers. I plan to insert very narrow (1Hz) notch filters at each of the (11) axial room modes up to 120Hz.

The DSP-4 is programed using the QSC Signal Manager. It is capable of 0.1Hz, 0.1dB and 0.01Q precision when setting PEQ filter parameters. So it looks like an awesome piece of kit. Better than the Behringer DSP1124/FBQ1000 on paper.

I don't have way to directly measure my room resonances yet, so I will start with the calculated values based on my room's dimensions, which I can measure accurately.

I was thinking that I would attenuate first order resonances on each axis by say 8dB, 2nd order by 7dB, 3rd order by 6dB, etc. Then re-run Audyssey and see if the overall subwoofer levels go up after calibration, now that the room peaks have been squashed.


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