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Pre 2021 Audeze LCD-XC dac/ amp recommendations please


New Member
Apr 14, 2023
Hi all

This is my first post here so hi - but I’ve been reading for quite a while and found the info and reviews given on here incredible.

I’ve recently acquired a mint pair of pre 2021 Audeze LCD-XCs - my first set of “end game” cans - and am looking for a good pairing desktop dac / amp to go with them.

I’m currently using a basically permanently attached Chord Mojo to either a PC or iOS device, so would like to switch over to a proper desktop unit.

I really like the idea of the RME ADI2 with its built in EQ / DSP and amp, and while this is probably more than I wanted to spend I’d be willing to wait and save to get it if this pairs up well, but one thing that’s nagging me is is the single ended output.

Everything I’ve read recommends a balanced amp for these cans, and while the feature set of the ADI2 is literally perfect for what I want, would the single sided amp end up making these inferior to a setup with a proper balanced output.

I’d also be happy to get any other recommendations that I can research & I’m not really bothered if it’s separate units if that gets me the best match.

I’m also considering a Schiit modius/magnius, but as I’m in the uk that come in quite a bit more expensive than us prices and lacks the DSP, or maybe even just upgrading my Mojo to a Mojo2 if it turns out the balanced output won’t make all that much difference.

All advice great fully received.

Ken Tajalli

Major Contributor
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Sep 8, 2021
London UK
The Mojo is actually great! Mojo2 even a bit better, but not night and day.
The XCs are so efficient , The Mojos do very nicely.
You will spend a hell of a lot to improve on what you got already, sonically .
If it is features you are after, then soldier on.
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