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Personal review of Genelec 8020D from a classical interpreter perspective.


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Mar 12, 2024
Vigo (Galicia, Spain)
Hi everybody!

Recently got some studio monitors in order to serve as digital piano speakers (mainly) and also pleasure listening.

Among them were Genelec 8020D and Genelec 8030CPM, those last ones were my choice and wrote another little subjective post about them as a home setup for classical and jazz music.

But even if I returned the little 8020s I don’t want to leave them without sharing the excellent impression that caused at home, where my girlfriend (cellist) and me we admired their performances despite the reduced size.

The in room response were even better than the 8030s at installation moment, because of their lesser low end range, violins, piano, wind sections and so many instruments were clear and excellent differentiation. In our point of view of acoustic music players very realistic (perhaps whit a very slight more “metallic” nuance than 8030s but not bothering at all).

Finally we decided to keep the biggest because of higher SPL and more engaging sensation in our living room, but we keep them for 3 weeks with the others and hesitate a lot to decide among both.

We highly recommend this little things without measuring (not experienced and adequate material to do that) but with arguments that our experience in correlation between the instrument in reality and from the speakers can have certain value. Always from subjective point of view and deep respect with other users perspective.

Specially we loved how they sounded on desktop, if we used only in these placement we would keep them better than 8030s. They sound really great also on floor stands but in this case we founded slightly less adequate for our space, just a little bit.

It will be nice to see an Amir review for these 8020s, the Genelec website shows accurate graphics with quite flat response but I think they merit a dedicated review as a great neutral and versatile speakers.

Our room is 5 x 4 meters now (we removed a false wall so more space than my other post), no carpets or curtains, a marble table below one of the speakers and bookshelves at the right of the other (stand floor in this case), 2 or 2,5 meters listening distance and around 70-75 dB listening level on average, 80-85 when little party (vintage disco music).
Dip switches adjustments were -6 dB bass tilt to keep as flat as possible with the piano, which served as home-made frequency generator to regulate the monitors.
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