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Passive Speakers w/suboptimal amp vs Active Speakers


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Mar 29, 2023
Hello everyone, I have been lurking the forums for so long, and now my first thread.

I'm moving to my own apartment and want a 2.0 or 2.1 living room setup, casual music listening while hanging around, being in the kitchen etc and im trying to decide between active vs passive.
I already have some gear on hand , a subwoofer (SUB TS-11) , AVR (Denon AVR1910) and an old stereo amp (Yamaha A-500) on hand so i thought passives makes the most sense, however seems like most speakers have minimum impedance around or below 4 ohm which these amps don't support on paper.

Some notes,
I will not try to optimize stuff like serious room treatment or room correction with mics etc, sitting positions will be probably off axis horizontally&vertically and room has huge windows everywhere just to start with. As i said just a casual setup, and im sure my ears will get used to it.

I have narrowed down my passive options to these, please no suggestions besides these. They will be used with Harman Kordon SUB TS-11

*Polk R200 (820$ )or R100 (680$)
*Dali Oberon 3 (750$) or Oberon 1(510$)
*Open Box KEF Q350 (610$)

From my research all these speakers have impedance dips around 3.8-4 ohms. Will my amps on hand will drive these no problem ? Maybe sub cutting out low freq. from speakers may prevent these dips as well.
Buying a new amp besides something cheap like AIYIMA A07 is not an option, at that point i rather get actives.

As for actives, Kali LP6-8 v2 , Adam TV7-8 or Mackie MR824 are all contenders.

I'm currently using Mackie MR524 (no hiss which is great) studio monitors on my desk for nearfield music playback and playing guitar through my amp modeler currently and i will keep using that setup.

TL;DR Will AVR(Denon AVR1910) which doesnt "support" 4 ohm loads, am i safe to get speakers thats impedance dip around 3.5-4 ohms?
Well if you're old AVR works and sounds properly and you are familiar how to use it (including room correction) take a look at Elac DBR62 speakers which now can be found relatively cheap (at least in EU [from 360 €], didn't find better price then 600 $ in US but you might be more lucky).
Consider buying a better sub (8" down firing really won't fit it). Just remember no pain no gain! All together; good placement, at least minimal room treatment (pair of 4" absorber panels) and digital room correction are beneficial if not crucial (they are). All together when done properly they work wonders.
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