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PA Speakers - Recommendations


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Aug 5, 2021
Hello Everyone,

Ahead of Amir's review of the JBL EON 615 that seems to be coming soon, I wanted to post a discussion thread on what people think of the various PA speaker offerings.

I am a DJ, who also enjoy's Hi-Fi and cares about accurate frequency response. After Amir's review of the JBL SRX835P, which is one of the only third party reviews of a PA speaker with frequency response measurements, it seems like accuracy is lacking, yet dynamics are excellent. This seemed to provide an excellent sounding speaker after some EQ. Based on this, it seems like finding a PA speaker with a good built in EQ (such as the EON line) would be the best bet for a portable rig.

What do y'all think? Anyone have any experience with any of the Alto speakers, Mackie speakers, or the higher end QSC speakers?

The only system I have extensive experience with is the B-52 matrix 1000 (http://www.b-52pro.com/products/Matrix1000V2.html), which has worked quite well, but again not sure on accuracy and definitely an older system with quite a lot of fan noise (not that that is an issue in a live music environment).
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