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Ontario Place Cinesphere is showing all Christopher Nolan movies in 70MM IMAX starting Feb. 7th 2020

Oct 1, 2018
Thought I'd share kind of a brief summary of my thoughts and experiences with IMAX 70MM and try to impose them onto you guys. I implore all capable here of going to see these movies.

For any of you who live in the GTA, or even several hours away. It is 100% worth a 3 or 4 hour trip to get to the Ontario Place to experience some of these excellent movies in 70MM IMAX. I cannot stress how stunning, beautiful, crisp, enthralling, wonderful and immersive 70MM IMAX looks. When you compare it to anything else. It's better then real life, larger then real life. More vivid then real life. Visually stunning, the image is crystal clear to a level you truly need to see to understand. It is massive in scale, at some 7 stories tall.

The next few weeks kicks off with 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70MM, sized to fit the IMAX screen. No doubt a stunning experience. Jan 31st 2020, also playing the following days on the weekend.

The Dark Knight will be playing Feb 7th-Feb 9th 2020. Since it is a Christopher Nolan, select scenes were shot with real IMAX cameras, and are presented in 70MM IMAX, at a 1.43:1 ratio. The opening sequence with the camera soaring above the buildings makes you feel like you are dangling above, with a real sense of vertigo. The later scenes are equally impressive being dark and gritty and violent. Overall a very fun movie to see in 70MM IMAX.

Lastly, I just want to mention the 70MM IMAX presentation of Interstellar, playing Feb 21st-23rd. Now this is a movie that, imo, truly benefits from being shot partly in 70MM IMAX, more so then any other movie I've ever seen. I will summarize it by saying when you key segments blown up to massive scale, they create an experience that is above the sum of its parts and makes it almost magical. Not to mention the thundering IMAX sound system pumping out 19hz organ notes at true THX reference levels. As someone who's been to many entertaining venues in their life, I've seen a dozen broadway shows, including first cast runs of Wicked, and Hamilton, several Cirque du Solois shows, and several world class orchestra performances, I can wholeheartedly say the 70MM IMAX presentation of Interstellar ranks up right up there with some of the best live experiences ever.

I will report back here on my experiences with the movies as they happen. Next 5 weeks are looking to be very fun!
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