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Office setup suggestion


New Member
May 10, 2022
Hi all I recently am trying to get my office setup and I could use some advice moving forward with it. My questions are as most are.. where to begin for speakers. To help narrow down the search with it I’ll provide the following details….

Budget - $500 to include everything. (Fyi I already have a Fluance RT82 TT and will be using my setup for both my TT and paired with my computer as well. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD598 to plug into the amp.)

Amp - was looking into the Loxjie A30 based on it literally being a Swiss Army knife for my needs. For the phono preamp I am getting gifted the Ifi Zen Phono.

Speakers - These are the ones I have looked at thus far Jamo S803, Swan M80w, JBL stage a130, Kanto yu 6 (active), Klipsch fives (active), Dali Spector 2, Wharfdale d225. I know I’m missing some in there. FYI I also would like something with a wood grain finish.

Placement/room size - this setup will be next to my desk against a wall in a smaller 18ftx12ft room.

Music/audio usage - I listen to a mix of all music from alternative, hip hop, rock to even include some OSD especially anything from Hans Zimmer.

I go back and forth on the configuration for this setup and would very much appreciate any help and insight into the matter. This rabbit hole I’ve been down seems never ending haha.


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2021
Wodecq, Hainaut, Belgium
I would get the JBL 308P i think, if i did not build them myselves. Active, very neutral sounding (that is what you want i suppose) and cheap. If it's still too expensive take it's smaller brother the JBL 306P. Both won't go loud good, but if it's very nearfield (like an office setup) it won't matter as you probally never will go that loud. And you got 250$ (with the 308P) left to buy a good dac/preamp. The Shiit sys could be your preamplifier (it's passive and very cheap) and the Topping E30 as dac. And you still got some money left for cabling or something else. All mentioned are reviewed here and approved by Amir.
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