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Odd electronics

Feb 15, 2020
Clarksburg WV, USA

Not sure if thus will be if any interest, and it’s probably a well known issue to most here, but anyway...,,

The other night while I was removing a vinyl from my turntable I thought I noticed a slight hum. I pushed up the volume to max and yes there was a hum present.

I checked various areas then came to the conclusion it was my Audio Technica 120XUSB turntable. I checked the ground, but it was properly attached. However, when I removed the ground the sound diminished a good bit.

Next day I tried various ways to eliminate that hum including moving the turntable and leaving the ground wire unattached. Nothing truly worked.

So, I talked to an electronics guy at a local store. He thought it was the ground. I asked if he thought it would help if I upgraded my extension cord, surge protector, and adapter. He said maybe, so I bought much better items to replace my old cord and surge protector, etc. I increased the gauge of the power line as with the protector.

While hooking up the wiring I also picked them off the floor and placed them onto an old towel which I tripled up. I read one should try to get wiring off the floor. I turned on the system and no hum! In fact, I noticed an immediate improvement in the Total sound quality.

I would classify my system as entry level audiophile. At the time I made my first purchase I had economics to consider. So, I shied away from good wiring.

I know one can buy much better wiring than I, but I’m just writing this to report that that better wiring does make a difference. Even the slightly better improved wiring I purchased.

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