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Nubert NuVero 60 Speaker Review

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Soooo yeah I went and did it. Okay, not actually already buying those speakers but I gave a listen to all my KEF candidates.

A big bummer for me was that their listening room didn't have meaningful acoustic treatment. They didn't even care about bass modes and told me that they wanted to aim for a regular, basic living room experience most people have. I kind of agree, but I'd rather think that people who buy speakers for +10k would at least use bass correction and a few more absorbers/diffusers. It wasn't bad but these speakers were heavily throttled by the room I could tell.

We started off with listening to the Blades 2 Meta. As for the sound I can't find a better word for it than "weird". It was as if there was no on axis sound at all, it was like there was no speaker at all. It was just free floating music in the room. Did I like it? I am not sure, since as mentioned above the room was pretty random and what I heard was not really enough to make me buy 26.000 € speakers without the right to return them. Was this sound good? Oh yes, it was stellar, but I wasn't in awe as you would want to be on this price range.

Then we switched to the Reference 3 Meta. I liked those way more. I can't really explain why - maybe more "direct" sound? They sounded just more fun, had nicer bass (maybe less distortion due to the higher weight: 33 Kg vs 51 Kg?) and their Uni-Q driver was placed on average couch-sitting-ear height. The resolution was absolutely stellar as far as I could tell in that room.

Finally after my request the store owner brought a pair of R7 Meta. Compared to the R-Series these are considered already pretty large but still notably smaller than the Reference 3. I didn't expect such a downgrade when pressing play on the prior listening test songs but yeah, it was a downgrade. It wasn't bad, those are actually really solid speakers having all the KEF qualities, but the bass, sweet spot and resolution couldn't be compared to the Reference series.

If I had to choose right now I'd take the Reference 3. BUT I still have to test the Genelec 8361 for completeness.
Thing is, right after coming home I ran the listening test songs on my NuVero 170. Firstly, the bass is unmatched even by the Blade and Reference and secondly I remembered that the Uni-Q driver had this 99 % absorption thingy for the treble, so I just whipped out some leftover acoustic wool and put it behind all my BMR and Tweeters (there was some already but you could place 1-2 sheets more behind them if you wanted too, dunno why Nubert didn't fill this up. I think it's kind of an improvement in resolution but could be full placebo. Anyway, the longer I sit here and listen (currently as I write this post) I see less and less reason to switch to KEF right now. I'd rather save the money and get 2 nifty subwoofers instead.

But there is a moderate chance that I wake up tomorrow and yell "BLADES". This is what hifi is all about.

I will report back after listening to the Genelecs. And to make it clear: if I had had the money back then and the KEFs and AudioScienceReview would have been available from my start I would have gone straight to the Reference 3.

Edit: One thing that stood out: the owner showed me "Roger Walters - The Ballad of Bill Hubbart" where at the beginning there is a dog barking and a phone call that, when using the right setup and ideal speaker alignment, should simulate "rear sound" which worked extremely good on the KEF. I couldn't get this effect to work on my NuVero 170 yet ...
what i see about the new reference metas, is they improved the tweeter directivity, is wider so now it match better the mid range... my KEF R7 sounded small in the top end, spatial qualitys are affected by that
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