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Not Selling: Topping PA5 Black - New


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Apr 12, 2019
Coventry, UK
Hi All
I have got this as brand new replacement for my original unit (One channel failed). With my current setup it would be difficult for me integrate PA5 into my setup. I just opened the outer packaging (Bubble wrap etc). Everything is BNIB. I have got plenty of feedback on Head-Fi, AVForums, eBay etc. (Can furnish if in doubt).
I am based in the UK, would prefer a local sale but can ship to EU at buyer's expense.

In the UK I can do it for £225 shipped RMSD (Insured) if done via bank transfer cutting out PayPal fees etc. If you are from the EU please get in touch with regards to the postage.

PS: Not selling, started using it!
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