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New moderator joining the team!


Staff Member
CFO (Chief Fun Officer)
Feb 13, 2016
Seattle Area
Hello everyone.

It is my pleasure to announce that @Jimbob54 (Jim) to our moderation team. I hope I can count on all of you to to give him a warm welcome (to the new role). I would say let’s try to be on our best behavior. But, JimBob has been here long enough to know what he has stepped in, I mean stepped up for. :p

Seriously, we continue to grow and recently went past 56K members. Our sustained growth is showing no let up and if anything we are growing faster than I could have ever imagined, requiring an addition to our moderation team that shares our culture and goals. Jim was an easy pick. I appreciate him volunteering for this role and stepping up to help us keep this place running smooth and keeping the peace.

Welcome Aboard @Jimbob54. Let’s all give him some time to find his feet before we throw our next Troll Fest party.
I'm amazed that only 2 moderators were able to keep order so long. Remember, the mods can't read every post, so if you see an obvious forum violation report the post.
Thanks Jim. This is the only forum I frequent anymore so I really appreciate those of you who keep it tidy.
Welcome Aboard @Jimbob54. Let’s all give him some time to find his feet before we throw our next Troll Fest party.
Oh my, I do hope you know what you let yourself in for. LOL
Best of luck partner. ;)
Welcome to the Team Jim. I can finally take that long awaited vacation I have been postponing for the last 3+ years. The keys are under the potted plant. Let yourself in and don’t forget to feed the Trolls while I’m away. Brad I will swing by in the morning to pick you up. Can’t wait to try that new Fly rod you have been bragging about.

Welcome Aboard Jim. Thank you for steeping up for this challenge. We can certainly use the help and we are overjoyed about your addition. :cool:
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