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New Dac to Lyngdorf DPA-1


Feb 9, 2023
Hi all!
I'm trying to figure out how i can put in a external DAC to my system without break the digital chain? I cannot find any more easy way to have room correction without spending extreme money or do it extremely complicated..

Preamp: Lyngdorf DPA-1
Poweramp: Apollon NCx500ST
CD-Drive: Cambridge audio CXC
Streamer: Wiim
HT Amp: Denon 4300H

Analog A1 on Lyngdorf programmed to 4300H Pre out
Main out to Apollon NCx500ST
D1/D2 Wiim and CD


Digital out can i transport to a external dac, but my problem is--> Analog A1 on Lyngdorf programmed to 4300H Pre out.

Any idees or it is waste of time? :)
I'm confused.

The WiiM, Denon, and Lyngdorf all support room correction.

No need to add an external DAC to your chain.

Simply choose one (or multiple) of the room correction products already in your chain, and start correcting your room :D
By definition adding a DAC is breaking the digital chain. Your system already has analog components though, so no digital chain to break.
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