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New DAC/Amp/Streamer Recommendations


Aug 14, 2021
Looking to upgrade my current set up. Most of my investment is currently in 2 setups, within the same room, and focused on headphone listening. I have one station for digital streaming through an RME Adi-2 FS and another cheaper setup (Schitt stack) connected to my turntable. I also have a pair of active bookshelf speakers (Kanto YU6) and sub (SVS SB-1000). I plan to sell the RME and Kanto speakers yet do plan to keep the Schiit Magni 3+ just in case the new amp/dac doesn't have a headphone out.

My listening room is extremely small (14' x 9') but about 6' of length is already taken up (Home Office) therefore my listening area is pretty small (9' x 9')

I am looking to purchase a) New Hybrid DAC/AMP/Streamer which I can connect to my phono stage (Parks Audio Puffin) as well as my PC and i am also looking to buy b) New passive speakers

Budget would be $2000CAD or $1600USD (just for the DAC/AMP/Streamer) and another $1500CAD or $1200USD. I was looking at the new NAD C700 or the NAD C388. The newer C399 is a little out of my price range. Any other recommendations? Feel free to recommend speakers as well. I prefer a more clinical sound with plenty of detail and resolution.
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