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Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

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Jun 7, 2022
It took me some time (and savings) to find a new replacement for my first bought 15Y old KRK Rokit 5 (Gen1) monitors.
First i was in doubt what monitors to buy. I don't prefer using subwoofers (due to crossover settings). therefore i narrowed down my options to the following;
- Focal Trio 11's (presumed huge soundstage, les linear than the Neumann KH 420's)
- KH 420's (presumed well balanced, extremely flat and natural, Body / high SPL, quality build and good reviews, (to) expensive for me)
- Genelec 8351B (presumed well balanced, extremely flat and natural, small in size, less body, (to) expensive for me)

There was no options for me to compare those monitors side by side so i had to base by choice on reading (all your) reviews and comments. (thank you all!)
Pricing had a heavy weight factor in my decision, so at first i leaned more to te Focal Trio 11's.
Then a store in the Netherlands offered me a set of new KH 420 monitors with a huge discount which made the price-difference between the Trio's and 420's 'only' EUR 600,-.
That made me re-evaluate and reconsider. Geert's flowchart (https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...h420-review-studio-monitor.33529/post-1184784) gave me the final push to buy the HK 420's. No i am not [yet] married ;).

If you are looking for awesome monitor speakers, you found them!
Althrough not required, i played them in for approx. 20hr. at medium level and different music genres before i gave my first verdict.
Every sound can be meticulously pinpointed to their location. Even in my chamfered untreated attic, they sound really balanced, deep, punchy, and open at low and high sound levels. With these monitors I can hear sounds and placements that i never heard before in music i quite often have listened to.
The sound stage is deep (at least deep enough for me) and against a reviewers comment; 'the sound flat and boring', in my eyes they are not.

The cabinet vibrations/'resonance' is less than i expected i.r.t. the SPL it can produce. I still want to place them on Iso-Puck 76's.
One thing that i noticed is that the class AB amplifiers produce heat. (of course logical, because they are class AB's), but more than i expected.
Those 60 Watts are transformed into heat, which is quite noticeable touching the 'Accelerated Heat Tunneling heat sink' on the back side of the speaker. It is a large radiator and it gets warm but you can still touch it normally with bare hands (should have measured the temperature).

Some final things i havent read in these reviews; the rotatable elliptical Mathematically Modelled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide can be turned easily by unscrewing the four (Torx 25) screws. While fitting the turned MMD those speakers touch gently the well filled white damping material inside the speaker.
The cables for the Mid-speaker and tweeter are thick.
The monitor's Center of Gravity is roughly 1/3 from the bottom (from vertical perspective). Placing the speakers horizontally (on e.g. Iso-Puck 76's) requires some form of 'balancing' (in case your monitor stand surface isn't large enough despite my large sand-filled Nowsonic Top Stand Studio 90)

So far my short experience with the KH 420's. I'm really happy with my choise!
(And yes, there might be hope for you as well... it only took 5 days before my girlfriend started to accepte the large speakers in my studio)


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Jun 22, 2022
@amirm A question rising from ignorance, but what would ideal (theoretically?) horizontal and vertical directivity maps look like? Close to the horizontal directivity demonstrated by this speaker? More uniform/wider dispersion through the middle of the plot? Thank you.
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Oct 10, 2017
Wanted to share w/ you guys.. finally got my 420's yesterday. WOW!! They're set up in our bedroom for now until I can move my other gear, but man am I happy!!!!


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