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Need recommendations for Amp + Dac or combo - $150


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Mar 31, 2019
I want to purchase an amplifier + a dac or a combo device to power my DT990 Pro's. I made a few different decisions during the past 2-3 months until I discovered that these options are not so good. For example, I've thought about getting a topping d10 +a bravo v2, xduoo ta-01, fx-audio dac-x6, fx-audio fx1 + a $100 amplifier but I am not sure what to buy. Unfortunately, the schiit stack is out of my reach especially due to the shipping costs (I live in Europe). I'd be glad to know what you guys think I should buy.
Pretty sure Topping NX4 is the best thing someone living in Europe can get with a €/$150 budget.
I've checked this out, I'm afraid it might not be as powerful as I want. I'm trying to avoid the portable form factor if possible.
Can anyone comment on this affordable dac? https://www.thanksbuyer.com/finished-hifi-dac-decoder-cm6631-cs4398-opa2132-24bit-192khz-usb-input-with-rca-headphone-and-coax-output-with-case-28676?search=usb dac&page=4&limit=100
I could combine it with the topping a30, it might do the job until I can afford the d10.
Or even a fx audio fx1 as I mentioned in the first post. Does anyone have any intel about that little guy? I can barely find any information about this device.
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Fair enough, however the objective 2 amp is not available in Europe.
Check out the website AVforum, they are located in the UK and should be able to point you to the better deals in Europe.
Schiit Fulla 2, more then enough power to drive 250-Ohm Beyerdynamic headphones.
My $25 FiiO headphone amplifier, at max volume setting can decently drive 250-Ohm Beyer headphones (low, but acceptable volume).
The Fulla offers way more power.
Or don't get a amp and a separate dac. Try the swissonic HAD-1 from Thomann. Dac, adc, amp, with toslink in and out.
What is your source? Perhaps the built in DAC is good enough.
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