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Need noob sub advice for my 2-channel setup please!


Sep 18, 2022
Hey all, thanks for helping me out. I'm looking for a small sub to run on my 2-channel setup which consists of two 45SE (tube single ended) monoblocks and a pair of Omega speakers. It's a really basic setup, each monoblock has a line stage input with volume control and a speaker out so no preamp. I was looking at the Rel subs since they have an easy solution for wiring to this sort of configuration but I know the Rel subs aren't well loved around here and I understand why this is.

Are there any other subs that are recommended? I don't want to buy a sub that isn't meant for high level inputs and then get stuck. I'm not adverse to running a DSP solution as long as I can get a signal from my amps to the unit correctly.

It may be a non-starter, I know that tube amps can have low damping factor which may affect what I'm trying to do. Hope that's clear. Thanks!
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