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need help with ncore nc252mp Verses 3E Audio PFFB selection


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Feb 29, 2020
Have no experience with Class D so are comparing two options at Audiophonics.

The Ncore nc252mp option is a 4 channel amp whereas the 3E Audio PFFB is a two channel amp so will need two of these... but the cost is the same so the only difference in this space is two boxes verses one which isnt a deal breaker.

Both use XLR inputs which is what I need and both chassis are full width.

The 3E Audio PFFB chassis has good venting top and bottom wheres as the Ncore nc252mp chassis has large heat sinks... maybe the heat sinks give it a small edge.

The 3E Audio PFFB has a seperate power supply as opposed to the nc252mp which is onboard which does make the 3E Audio PFFB more repairable cost wise (to a minor degree)

From a measurements perspective it also seems a wash... power is the same... dynamic range is so close it doesnt matter ... THD+N is better in the 3E Audio PFFB but my old ears wont tell the difference.

If we assume Audiophonics build good stuff (and from what I can see they do) then my major questions are:

- is there any fundamental difference in the reliability of an Ncore nc252mp verses 3E Audio PFFB
- any compelling real world sound quality differences that makes one a better bet

I am favouring the Ncore nc252mp simply because its been around a long time (both the company and the nc252mp) and thus has had any issues sorted... this is important as I live in NZ which is a long way away from France so all other things being basically the same, then I want the most reliable option.

Many thanks for any insights.


Below are the specs:

3e Audio PFFB - four channels @ 1000 €

2x150W @ 8Ω, 1% THD+N
2x250W @ 4Ω, 1% THD+N
2x180W @ 6Ω, 1% THD+N
THD+N 0.0007%
Dynamic range 125dB
Output noise 18µV
Output impedance 10mΩ
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB

NCore NC252MP - four channels @ 1090 €

4x150W @ 8Ω 1% THD
4x250W @ 4Ω 1% THD
4x180W @ 2Ω 1% THD
THD+N 0.0015%
SNR 121dB
Output noise 30μV
Output impedance 1.5mΩ
Frequency response 10Hz - 50kHz
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Erin just posted a video stating that he could not hear any difference between the Ayima a70 (similar to 3e audio) and a Purifi-based March audio, much more expensive. So even if the 3e is marginally better in sinad than Hypex, you will never hear any difference. Both of them are the best for quality/price ratio, and audiophonics guys are very competent. For the same price i'd go for the safest choice unless i lived in Europe, hypex has excellent reputation
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Since the Hypex stuff has proven itself over many years and the difference in price is small, I would probably go for that. They are both fine amps otherwise.
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