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Need help picking switches

Apr 28, 2021
I have a pre amp aluminum case that was used for a tube pre. I noticed that this is a prime candidate for a speaker switch, which I want without spending 70 usd on or waiting 3 to 5 weeks to get for 10usd cheaper from China. I saw discussions on here about switches on the Solupeak 2 in 1 out switch that someone made a post about. It was at the top of my list after seeing the Douk VU meter model impacts sound, so I started trying to figure out good components for this unit. Of course the wire terminals are nothing to source and get okay ones. I dont know switches and the reviews I see are terrible for quality control on Amazon. I figured I would ask you all what are some good options. I have included some pictures to show the hole lay out for the Preamp. I will have to drill 2 more holes for speaker jacks, but the rest are there with RCA jacks currently occupying them. If you recognize the gear I prefer you not say as the person that made it had their business fold and I feel bad for them experiencing such, even if it was due to their faults. See below.

back holes for speaker terms

front holes for switches

top holes for maybe adding VU meters...

inside cause why not?

Would wire type and jacket material matter? One last thing.. I wondered about VU meters somehow seating above the tube socket holes somehow. I could build a nice wood box to mount them in then secure them above the tube sockets to hide the holes left. I dunno, seems maybe there is some way to bling out the top since the holes are there. Any ideas? Nixie tube.. anything else come to mind? Grommets if not. Thanks.
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