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need advice about volume level


Apr 6, 2022

Searched a bit on forum, but i couldn't find exact advice on volume level when there are multiple devices with possibility of volume leveling..

This is my setup:
- ipad > lightning to USB 3 camera adapter > audioquest jitterbug > audioquest forest USB-A to USB-B > DAC M2Tech Young DSD > XLR to RCA adapter > audioquest columbia rca > Unison Research Unico P > audioquest CV-8 > Monitor Audio RS6

On ipad is Apple Music Hi-res and Tidal..

Ipad is set to max volume level, DAC is set to max volume level and i use Unico P for setting volume..
Problem is that i can't manage to get volume to quarter of a turn..

Should i leave it this way or to lower volume on ipad or dac?

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