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Need a good amplifier for my ELAC FS247 stereo floor speakers. Need warm and full sound at low volume.


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Oct 23, 2021
Depending on your taste, You might be quite happy with just slight boost in low frequencies to add some warmth to the sound, so I suggest that before investing any money, just experiment a bit with Your loudspeaker placement. Moving the speakers closer to the walls usually boosts the bass frequencies few db. The downside is that now the bass might sound boomy if You play at louder volumes, so it is not the most convenient tone control, as You need to move the speakers when You change the volume. Then again, we all could use some physical exercise every now and then ;)


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Feb 7, 2020
Isn't an AVR overkill and waste for my purpose? Would be better to use the extra money on a solid stereo amplifier? I get the thing about the Audyssey EQ thing.
Depends. Some don't like the physical size. Due to economies of scale the feature set is usually superior to an integrated 2ch amp for the $. If you get an avr with a full set of pre-outs you have flexibility with amps.
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