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Need a DAC with headphone jack and balanced outputs and phantom power

Jun 27, 2018
Need a DAC with headphone jack and balanced outputs and phantom power

Just purchased a Measurement Microphone Sonarworks calibrated , so i need phantom power
Have a Crown XLI 2500 class A/B amp want to run it in the balanced mode.
playback only do not do recording. mostly Flac files
I am just bewildered by all the DAC choices available and want this over with. ready to pull trigger on Focusrite 2i2, unless I can get an alternative choice
I should state that it will be a home setup and I usually prefer gear that is Pro audio with the feeling that if Pro Musicians and Recording Studios choose a certain product , then it should be good enough for me.

Do not want to spend more than 150.00 for a DAC

Thank You,
Steve -


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Jun 19, 2018
Behringer UMC204HD has everything you need and measures incredibly well for a sub-$100 unit.

The only two provisos would be:
  • limited headphone amp output
  • the outputs are TRS (not XLR) but are balanced AFAIK so you should be fine running them with plain old TRS-XLR cables (perhaps someone can confirm the outputs from the Behringer are in fact balanced TRS?)
I'm also not sure about the quality of the mic preamps in this unit.
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