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Nagaoka MP-110


Jan 7, 2024
Chapel Hill, NC
So glad I found this forum. Over the years I have measured my phono cartridges using spot frequencies and manual analysis. But thanks to the JP script :)it is now a lot easier. After a 'crash course' on python over the weekend I was able to use the script and here is my first post:
My first attempts showed 'strange' results with the amplitude plot of one channel appearing as the crosstalk channel. But then I realized that the script expects the 'main' channel to be the 'top' trace (L) and I had to swap channels for the right channel recordings.

The STR100 record is 3rd edition and fairly new, but unfortunately a bit warped. The turntable is Pioneer PLX1000 and the MP-100 stylus has in the order of 100h playtime. The frequency sweeps were recorded with Audacity (on a Mac) without use of the built-in high pass filter of the preamp ( ART DJPREII ) but subsequently filtered at 25 Hz 48 dB within the Audacity software


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Use one of the others as template. Important to write the cartridge name as the first line in the post (more easy to search).
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