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Nad m10 v2 vs Marantz model 30 vs nad c399 vs Naim Nait XS 3 which one is best?

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That's true, but the Marantz is highly underrated in it's published specs... It has been tested to output approx 180W into 8 ohms and 265W into 4 ohms- Don't be fooled, it's a true powerhouse utilizing Hypex modules partially desingned by Marantz for impedance control. It will drive any speaker you can throw at it. Power will never be an issue with this model... HDMI however might be an issue. Although easy enough to add modules.... Anyway, good luck on your quest. And remember to enjoy the music! :)

Is hypex better than purifi ?
m33 is based on purifi ?
also on sinad list this model 30 is way behind...

so marantz model 30 sinad is 75 tested from amir, at 278$ for around 3000$ where i live at least. if they have it in stock.
Marantz Model 300.018%752402,500Stereophile

m33 is at 74th place way less distortion, higher sinad way higher etcs...

NAD M330.0022%934605,000Stereophile


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Sep 4, 2020
Is hypex better than purifi ?
NCore (Hypex) is not better than Purifi and is one technology level ahead. But they are already very good and on most speakers you will probably not hear a difference. But there are also the other speakers ;)

Mark K

Apr 27, 2022
I went to audition a Marantz 30 driving a pair of 705 today. To my ears the music sounded dry, flat and unimpressive. The salesman was extremely angry about my comments.
This combination is on sales here, at 3500
For the same price, I can also get the discounted PM12se or Denon PMA-110
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