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Mytek Brooklyn Amp - Stereophile review


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Feb 23, 2019
Another interesting class D amplifier with good measurements is definitely Mytek Brooklyn Power Amplifier, as reviewed by Stereophile


There seems to be a lot of true power together with reasonable measurement results. @Blumlein 88 wrote in another thread, that is unfortunately closed, this:
I don't know the Soundlabs are the worst load, I'd probably say the Apogee Ribbons were more difficult though for different reasons than an ESL. And everyone knew with Apogees you wanted the large Classe amps on them. The IcePower amps have even more issues at higher frequencies. But when playing music whatever power they have is entirely sufficient in a way even big iron AB amps struggle. The Hypex and Purifi amps should be better than the Icepower class D amps, if I get another amp it will be one of those. Also when I took a chance and tried the class D amp on my speakers I knew a couple people with Soundlabs and with Acoustats. I took it over and let them hear it. All just immediately went and got some variation of class D for themselves. It was dead plain obvious the advantage.

and from the Stereophile review we may read
Deep below ground level, in the labyrinthine bowels of Mytek Central, is a fully operational recording studio. You know you're in a pro-audio space by the powerful air-conditioning system that bathes the studio in lovely freezing air. A smaller, well-isolated studio holds a control console, and two pairs of speakers: massive Duntech Sovereigns (90dB sensitivity), and the smaller Wilson Audio Specialties Sabrinas (87dB). Two Brooklyn Amps in bridged-mono mode were driving the former. Effortless dynamics pounced on me like two hungry tigers.
"Duntechs, with their multiple drivers and complicated crossovers, are a very difficult load," Mytek's chief designer, Michal Jurewicz, told me. "Hypex [class-D modules] cannot drive it, the amps collapse, but this Brooklyn Amp does it with ease. This came out during months of design tests I did in 2016, when we were testing many different circuits." Jurewicz also said that Mytek spent six months experimenting with more than 15 class-D amplifier modules from various OEMs, upgrading parts, adding capacitors, adjusting circuit parameters.

This is at least interesting in a consequence of the former debate.

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