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My user impressions of Soncoz SGD1


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May 22, 2020
Just got a Soncoz SGD1 to replace my SMSL Sanskrit 10th which is a well measuring dac in itself. I changed because the smsl did not have the kind of controls i wanted and the remote needs to cycle inputs not directly select.

And boy i am happy i got it. The sound improved a lot to me, although the difference between them should be inaudiable by sinad. It could be in my mind or ears ofc.
Although the controls are good, the visual feedback is not, the screen of the smsl while small gave a lot of info especially bit rates which are important to debug your audio chain.

The looks are not that good and the case does not feel that luxurious, the look of the Sanskrit was better but this is not to say that is is cheaply made, the case seems sturdy and heavy.

This dac unlike the SMSL feels slightly warm to the touch when left always on.
Jul 22, 2020
yes, mine too.. but that seems ok for me.

but I have some weird issue, even in USB mode it wakes itself up from sleep mode, after some days...

However, because i'm not listening music that often right now, i leave it off at the back.
Nov 13, 2019
The SMSL Sanskrit is functional but average at best with clear engineering limitations. Against a Modi 3 in my tube mono block rig, the top end was way rolled off, smothered. The Modi 3 trounced it.

With the better engineering inside, the Soncoz SGD1 should win easily. Would like to hear one.
Apr 14, 2021
I've ordered the Soncoz too. Great specs, great connections, but honestly discreet input on the remote is a major factor for me too. There are soooo many good DACs out there, but almost none with discreet inputs on the remote, meaning it simply won't integrate well into my lounge room and most importantly, pass the WAT!

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