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My Studio Monitors POP when turned on and off, is that OK?

Sep 11, 2021
Hi everyone! Glad to be posting again in the forum.

I recently bought a pair of Focal Alpha 50 Evo and I'm very pleased with their sound (tried and compared them with the Adam T5Vs and Kali IN-5s, and the Focal were the winners by far, IMO obviously), but I have realized that when I turn them on and off they pop, both of them at the same timing.

I want to know if this is normal, or if I should send them back and change them (as they are in warranty). Also, since @amirm reviewed the Alpha 65 Evos I would like to know if he also had this problem.

I have attached a short audio when I turn the monitor on, the pop sounds, then turn it off, then the pop (stronger here) sounds.

Let me know your opinion or if you have had this same experience with other monitors!

Note: My monitors are connected to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, and I have tried to lower the gain completely before turning the monitors off, doesn't change anything. Also, I power the monitors the last and turn them off the first.

Thank you! ^^


  • Audio Example.zip
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Weeb Labs

Senior Member
Jun 24, 2020
Yes. This is normal behaviour for many Focal Alpha monitors.
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