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My impressions from AXPONA 2024


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Mar 22, 2016
South Bend/Mishawaka IN
One of the best things about AXPONA 2024, was the weather. Because usually it's cold, cloudy and either raining or snowing. Sunday was in the 70's and sunny all day. The trend of more affordable loudspeakers continues from last years show, several rooms were running Magnepan's entry level speaker the LRS+ as an example.

I would have to say the high point of the show of for me was the SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle speakers, I thought they definitely lived up to their own marketing hype. They sounded as good or better speakers several times their price, which is $5K for the pair. They sounded nearly full range and could handle high power effortlessly, nothing stood out to me as a negative in their sound. If I were in the market for new speakers, these would be high on the list.

More to come as time permits.
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Interesting, was just reading something about those. Still, would prefer to see some measurements....hopefully coming soon.
Well I heard the Linkiwitz speakers again, and still not really a fan. While they definitely did not suck, I was never found their sound engaging. Even though I know many people did, they were playing a lively jazz song at medium volume and those woofers were shaking pretty good. Hate to think if I were to have cranked Rush at a loud volume, what happen.

Avante Garde had a pair of large red, Mezzo G3 horn speakers. Pretty impressive sound with a large soundstage, in a another connecting room they had a smaller pair and I actually preferred that room's more intimate soundstage.

Next was the four-way, six-driver, $250k Gauder Akustik DARC 250, one of my favorite's of the show. Very impressive sound from bass to treble, only negative is the cost.

Fyne Audio had their top of the line speaker with an omnidirectional super tweeter on top, it was excellent. Wish it had been in a bigger room though.
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