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My ceiling fan is causing interference in my DAC/AMP

I know this is an older thread but I am having the same issue but worse. My audio is on a completely separate 20 amp circuit from everything else but when I turn on any one of several ceiling fans in the same or adjoining rooms the amp actually trips the safety. All the electronics are going through a monster AVS 2000 and HTS2600 so they should be completely filtered from any spikes and wiring interference. If the fan is running already it doesnt affect it, only switching it off and on. Any thoughts or fixes?
Are you sure the fans aren't spliced in somewhere? Did you do the electrical work or an electrician?

If they are truly on separate circuits then the only real possibility is a wiring issue back at the panel...
Please define "the amp actually trips the safety". Does it go into protect or trip a breaker or the RCD? Is there any suspicious sound output? What equipment are we even talking about? We'd need a detailed plan if possible.

I guess the fans are the traditional AC (induction motor) type? These are prone to generating nice spikes when powered on/off.

My gut feeling says the root cause may be a ground loop issue in the audio setup. That may be picking up the spikes inductively rather than directly. Now if there are some issues with grounding in the electrical system, that wouldn't be helping matters.
Sounds like you should try installing a 0.1uF 400V disc capacitor across the switch contacts to mitigate/snub the arc caused by switching your inductive load on and off. This will also keep your switch contacts from being vaporized over time.
Thanks for the replys and suggestions. I pulled the wires for all 3 circuits in question so I know they are not crossed anywhere. I am intrigued by the capacitor but not sure how to install that. Any further help would be appreciated
Also the fuse/circuit on the back of the amp is what trips not the breaker or either of the monster units
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