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"Muscular" floorstanding speakers for 1500 euros


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Sep 6, 2019
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I am DIY fan, and I agree with the notion that DIY doesn't neceserally get you better value but in this case when you have $1500 and want oomph as your priority it won't be too hard to match directivity with compresion driver with a 12/15inch. In saying that, I get DIY is not for everyone.

I also get that for $1500 it will be hard to find a good design based on a compression driver and 15 inch woofer which is what I recommend as per your requirments.

In this case, the JBL HDI might be a great option as it measures well, there is also other JBL that use copression drivers and have measured fairly well within there respective price ranges also take a look at

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