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Multi-room speakers powered by battery. And wither Play-Fi?


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Dec 1, 2019
Toronto, Canada
First post! Thanks in part to owning several Apple devices (AirPort Express, Apple TV), a Squeezebox Touch, and Amir's half-hearted endorsements of the PW Link and Klipsch Powergate on this site, I've accumulated a mish-mash multi-room capable devices. It's fun when it works, but my mix of platforms precludes me from getting multi-room in every room. I don't run a dedicated PC aside from a low-powered NAS where I run Squeezebox, but I'm wondering if there are any incremental moves I can make to improve my multi-room system, or am I looking at a larger commitment to make it happen.

My first-gen UE Boom finally bit the dust, and served its use well in the backyard and on-the-go. If there was a similar such battery-powered speaker that also supported Play-Fi, this would solve a real problem: play the same music in the backyard and the kitchen, while still working away from home.

There are not many devices that support a semi-open (non Sonos) multi-room audio format, Bluetooth streaming, and are rechargeable. I think only the Polk S2R and some Wren (RIP) products do that. I think I can tolerate the painful interface of Play-Fi for the rare times I need multi-room, though does it's poor reception signal its demise or will DTS work to improve it?

Are better solutions for me out there than Play-Fi? I have not tried Roon yet, mostly because I lack the server power, and my fidelity needs with multi-room engaged are low.

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