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More help needed with choosing a Sub design?

Feb 28, 2021
Western USA
Hi, You guys have been helping with my Sub replacement for my 2 channel system. Ive posted recently and been reading a ton of stuff here and other forums / videos.
Seems like the more I learn the less I know....?

It seems like I should be getting a ported sub - mainly because our living room - dining room - Breakfast nook - Kitchen are all fairly open space with only a few short walls, cabinetry, and counter top separate the spaces. The living room and dining room are one contiguous space measuring 36' x 18' w 10' ceilings

So I know, space wise that makes ported seem like the way to go. However, I am not really all that concerned about the space behind the Livingroom being filled with stupendous sound quality. I do most of my listening about 12 feet from the speaker set up, and at modest volumes. Jazz, Pop, some Classical listening. I am a critical listener. Accuracy and sound stage are the things that bring music to life IMHO.

Not interested in the boomy techno or hip hop side of things. In fact, I dont like boomy or bottom heavy sound, it bothers me and dont find it enjoyable

Im replacing a very small 10" Paradigm PDR10 that is ported w a 100W amp (that was already in the house when we bought it). Im reading stories about people buying hi end sealed subs and being very disappointed - sending them back. I also watched one video of a seemingly knowledgeable guy that claimed that sealed subs were harder on his ears....that they induced some discomfort and odd pressure sensations???

Lots of this is hard to parse as I know some people are trying to re-create Armageddon in their living rooms - me: I just want good hi fidelity sound - and my house and ears to hold together a few more years. We'd also prefer a smaller box - only 1 is in the cards, but if it has to be ported then so be it.

And finally, leaning towards SVS if only because of the remote App. Ive dealt with a couple subs to know that being able to make adjustments without getting up and down, has got to be a much better way of getting things adjusted right by ear.

Would love to hear opinions as to how I should move forward. Thanks!!!
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