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Monitor Audio Silver 2, Gloss Black in Excellent Condition $500 w/ hand-built walnut stands


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Feb 4, 2019
Austin, TX
I'm retiring these after a few years because I built some Linkwitz LXmini to take their place. They've been tucked into bookcases flanking my fireplace and therefore have not been marred. I did not keep the boxes or grilles -- never thought I'd sell them. These have a mellow hue overall and are extremely pleasant, which is why I wanted them in a family living space. You could EQ the middle octaves somewhere to make them more lively, but I never did. They have quite good bass response because they're on the large size as bookshelf speakers go and have 8" woofers. Imaging is on par with comparably-priced models of this vintage (2013-2017) which lack a waveguide approach, which is to say that you need to position them properly to extract the most stable image. But I wasn't in that game for living room listening; I just liked the warmth and bass capability. These are among the better mid-tier passive bookshelf speakers for their generation.

The stands were built for my Dutch & Dutch 8C demonstrators, but they fit the Monitor Audio. Local buyers in Texas can have them; tricky to ship, however.


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