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Monitor Audio GR10 & GR Centre positioning help requested


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May 27, 2020
I'm in the process of building a 17' long x 14.5' wide by 10' high dedicated theater/stereo space that will house two separate systems. You can see my gear in my signature, but for this specific thread I'm only talking about the Monitor Audio Gold Reference front soundstage, which will be shelf mounted in built in bookshelves around an 85" Sony Bravia. I haven't been able to find any detailed measurements of my GR10 bookshelves or GSLCR center, which will form the front soundstage, which is making the question I'm about to ask difficult. The GR10's will be shelf mounted ABOVE my main stereo pair of speakers, so the bottom of the speaker will probably be around 50" off the floor. For best directivity, should place them upside down with the tweeter on the bottom, or leave them as is?

Reviews on ASR usually give you some impression of how the directivity will be affected if you're sitting either above or below the speaker. Since these are older, I'm hoping someone will help me guestimate based on other MA models that use a similar tweeter.

Appreciate any help/feedback.

EDIT: Found these measurements. Any help interpreting how this will translate in-room would be appreciated.

GR10 - 1.PNG

GR10 - 2.PNG

GR10 - 3.PNG
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