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Mismatched Subs for 2.2 Nearfield?


Aug 14, 2020

I picked up another sub at an auction, a Totem Thunder with a 10" active and 2 x 10" passives. My current sub is an M&K MX-200 isobaric dual 12" sitting under my desk.

Because I have nothing better to do with it for now (besides selling it for more gear!) would there be any issues dual subbing by putting this smaller sub under the other side of my desk?

I do have an unused BIC F12, too--would that be a better match? I figured the Totem is a better sub than the F12. In fact, I have an F12 in my home theatre setup and could grab that, match them under my desk, and reallocate the Thunder or M&K to the home theatre--but most of my listening is music at the desk, so the best quality for for me should go there.

My amp is an SMSL AO200 with two sub outs.

Any opinions?

Deleted member 50971

I don’t have any technical advice, but I run three subs behind my main listening positions, although mine are all matching. All you can do is try it and see what it sounds like. I do think you’d be better off with the matching ones together, and if they don’t sound right or if you think you need more bass try one with the phase at 180° and the other at 0° There is a chance they could cancel each other out being close to one another. Best quality at your desk would be to have the two matching subs there, and relocate the other one to your HT
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