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Minidsp U-DIO8 USB to AES Converter Review


Technical Expert
Jul 10, 2019
Hello Uli,

I use Audiolense(aware you are the creator of Accourate) and keen to understand how DSP software such as Accurate or Audiolense see the UDIO-8 when it comes to routing channels when measuring for digital crossovers.

I just learnt how to route channels in Jriver is it the same concept? Or is each channel output already designated with a its fixed channel and its matter of numbering them as an output channel prior to measuring?

Just a point in the right direction can potentially get me started in understanding how its done.
Basically the channels can be assigned and routed arbitrarily. But this does not make sense.
Of course I can tell you about the underlying concept in Acourate:

Simply imagine you have directly connected your left and right tweeters at channels 1 and 2. Furthermore the tweeters are also directly connected to the amplifier outputs without passive components in between. Everything runs well when you play music thru the convolution engine with digital crossovers.
But for some reason you decide to test another player, e.g. Foobar. Now channels 1 & 2 are the standard outputs with every player. And thus you play the full signal without XO by the tweeters. Because of the low frequencies the tweeters may announce the end of their life by pretty nice smoke signs :)

So clearly it is better to connect the bass drivers to channels 1 & 2.
Acourate thus uses the connection scheme bass left, bass right, mid left, mid right, tweeter left, tweeter right starting from channel 1. This is IMHO the safest way.

JRiver allows you to define the channel assignment in the config file also in an arbitrary order. But carefully think about.

I do not use Audiolense for good reasons ;). So you have to check by yourself how the channels are assigned there.

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