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Minidsp 2 pairs of speakers


Jan 8, 2021
I have a (dirac enabled) minidsp flex with a pair of genelec G threes. Sounds great, but there is a lack of bass my room. I also have a pair of vintage Celestion Ditton 442s, they are 3 ways with 12 inch bass woofers. I am thinking of hooking up both pairs to the minidsp and using the Celestion genelec combination to create a more full range sound. Is this worth trying or should I just get a sub.

The G threes are the home version of the 8030.

Here are the Celestion 442 measurements:

It's not ideal, but worth a try.

Make sure that you configure your G Threes as small, bass managed Mains and the 442s as subwoofers.
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