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Mini-review Ascend ELX Ribbon Tower …

Just purchased these ELX towers and Horizon Center both with the RAAL tweeter! Was deciding between these, KEF R11’s + center, Revel alternatives and Arendal as well and decided to go with the Ascend speakers. Over all, the dedication the owner has to legit measurements, the looks of the speakers and all the reviews I’ve read made it a no brainer to go this direction.

Wait time will be 2-3 weeks apparently but can’t wait for them to arrive and put them through their paces. Upgrading from my entry level HT system of Klipsch RP 600M’s and 504C center so expecting a pretty large leap!
funny , I’ve here for a few years now !
I had no idea how entrenched some people‘s viewpoints were , though …

While i agree with the overall view they have, it is off putting..... It's the social media effect,, the overriding need to " be right " based on reinforced bias... I guess nowadays it's an accepted behavior.. The good news is: we have the option to file it in with the " who cares " part of life...
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