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Mini HTPC audio/video streamer with hi-fi look and touchscreen


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Mar 27, 2021
I'd like to build mini HTPC (audio and video supported) that looks like mini hi-fi system (for example Denon N11, Yamaha mcr n670D), but with touch screen.
PC will be without fans (strictly passive cooling). OS would be Linux (any distribution).
- small footprint
- 7''touch screen

- connect active speakers to pc
- connect to external amplifier (for example Loxjie A30) to play on passive speakers
- supported remote controller
- blu-ray disc
- audio input from TV, so it can reproduce sound on active speakers (not a priority, but would be nice to have)
- wifi, bluetooth, dLNA
- connectivity to android phone
- FM/DAB radio (don't ask, it would be added via USB RTL-SDR card)
Required look and format:

- what application do you recommend? Kodi, Volumio, Moode...? That supports remote controller (this is not a priority, but nice to have), dLNA, smartphone connection, and its easy to operate from touch screen.
- is it possible to connect TV audio output to PC? Optical (toslink) or HDMI from TV --> PC
- which internal sound card do you recommend?
Thank you.
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