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Measurement and Review of TotalDAC D1 USB Cable


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Feb 13, 2016
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This is a measurement of Total DAC D1 USB cable and filter. Member dallasjustice loaned this to me last year and it has been waiting for the right setup for me to test it. Now that I have that (see https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...s/do-usb-audio-cables-make-a-difference.1887/), I figured it was time to measure this cable.

This is a normal looking USB cable going in and out of a metal box that is about 2 inches long and 1.5 inch wide and 1 inch deep.

The one I have is gray and has no markings whatsoever. But otherwise looks the same, sans the extra length of the one I have. I estimate it to be around 2 meters/6 feet which their web site says retails for 360 euros. ex-VAT. That is about $428 at today's exchange rate. So not cheap at all.

The setup is as with the other thread with Sonore microRendu as the source (networked) player and the DAC, Schiit Modi 2. Here is a comparison of against generic long USB cable:

View attachment 8520

Yellow is the generic cable and red is TotalDAC d1 usb cable. As we see there is reduction of noise and distortion but fair amount remains.

Here is the comparison to a short USB cable (yellow):


We see that the short cable handily beats the TotalDAC d1.

So as we saw in the other thread, if you want the least noise, just use the shortest cable you can. That is the only thing that helps.

As before though, these results are only because the Schiit Modi 2 does so terribly. Replacing it with even cheaper but better designed Behringer UMC204HD, we get this comparison of long generic cable (in yellow) and TotalDAC d1 in red:


As we see the generic cable may be even slightly better than TotalDAC d1.

Using poorly designed DAC (Schiit Modi 2) we can show that the electrical output of the DAC changes some in favor of TotalDAC d1 USB cable and filter. Short cables though beat it in that setup.

Importantly when using a better DAC, the Behringer UMC204HD, the TotalDAC d1 cable provides no benefits at all.

Even the benefit shown with Schiit Modi 2 are below audibility.

So save your money and buy music, food or a gift for a loved one or favorite charity. Don't spend your money on products like this that don't show any useful improvement even when we magnify the measurements so much.

As always, feedback, corrections, comments, etc. are most welcome.
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