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Measure your C50 in REW and tell us how your bass sounds!


Tim Link

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Apr 10, 2020
Eugene, OR
Aside from what correlation Tim is hoping to establish, I’m interested in what clarity values mean for the home audio person in general. Most of what you find on the web deals with concert halls. Example: This is a great site for listening to different Clarity 80 values for the big spaces - https://www.concerthalls.org/?page_id=151

Googling optimum Clarity values I found this table –
-1.6 < C80 < 1.6 Instrumental music
-2 < C80 < +2 Symphonic music
0 < C80 < +4 Opera
C50 > +3 Speech

Data for my Left and Right speakers shown. The red line in my REW graph represents C50. The green line is C80. My listening room is a large open floor plan. The “room” is ~ 6K ft^3 with openings to adjacent rooms. The mic was ~ 8 ft away from the speakers. My clarity values are higher than what is recommended in the above table.

I would be interested to hear what others consider a preferred C50 or C80 value and if these clarity values are correlated to other room attributes.

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I like those samples on concerthalls.org! The lower C80 is certainly appropriate in larger halls for producing music. I think I liked the two lowest measurements the best for that trumpet example. Of course it depends on what they're trying to do with the music but I like hearing a large reverberant music hall effect. The question is how much of our smaller listening room reverberance do we want to add on top of the reverberance that's already in the recording when we play it back through speakers?

It is interesting to see in your relatively large space that there is a dip in clarity between about 200Hz and 1kHz. I just looked at someone's untreated space smaller than yours and they had a dip in clarity that was centered a little higher from around 500Hz to 1.5kHz.
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