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McIntosh RS 250

Pankaj Shet

New Member
Apr 25, 2024
Hi Friends,

Hope you are doing Amazing !!
I have a question and want a final opinion on the following:

Is McIntosh RS 250 Wireless Steareo Speaker worth it?
How does sound?

2 XR50 Bookshelf Speakers with MH252 ?

What would be the prefered choice?

or RS 250 Wireless with a great subwoofer (MartinLogan Dynamo 1100)?

Or Dali Rubicon 2(Pair) with Arcam SA 30 with Martin Logan Dynamo 1100

Room size 18 * 10 * 9

How far will you be from the speakers, and how loud do you like to listen?

I haven't heard any of those speakers, but there are plenty here who can help you narrow things down or make suggestions you may not have thought of.
“Worth it?“ Is very subjective. it’s a $3000 all in one package. Because the speakers are tiny it most likely would be bettered by separates for quite a bit less money. But I suppose if you absolutely hate the look of speakers in your room it is attractive. Plus it has HDMI, so park it under your tv and it’s basically a really expensive soundbar with wi-fi and a McIntosh logo. Im sure it will sound better than tv speakers and like everything Mc, it probably sounds pretty good. But like everything Mc, you are paying top dollar.
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