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Matching Gain to Output Voltage



Sep 8, 2021
One problem I have been struggling with regarding my proposed setup is how I might integrate Dirac for my non home-theater sources. I originally intended to use a miniDSP 2x4HD on the subwoofer outputs of the P6, but I think I would prefer to have DSP on higher frequencies as well. I think my ideal solution would be to replace the P6 with something along the lines of a miniDSP SHD with more analog inputs and HT passthrough mode. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist, so I probably need to pair the P6 with something that is Dirac-capable.

To complicate things further, any DSP I place after the P6 outputs will conflict/be unnecessary with the DSP of my Denon X3700 for HT.

One idea that recently popped into my head was to purchase an SHD and use that through the HT Bypass inputs of the P6. The SHD has its own preamplifier, so the extra gain on the P6 isn't needed. In addition, I could then take advantage of the P6 gain for the X3700 outputs, negating the need for a headphone amplifier.

Having multiple preamps and DACs is a bit redundant, but the setup described above does have its advantages.
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