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Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

Here's some good deals this week from a few different places.
If the Amazon the "sold by" is Hifi-College, Aoshida-US, or SMSL Factory Store they include a 1 year warranty on used items, the same as new ones.

Hart Audio has MIDYEARGEAR24 coupon code for 15 percent off everything.

Hifiman Ananda Stealth refurbished with 18 mo warranty $299

ADI2 DAC FS DAC/Amplifier $1049

Topping A70Pro Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier $400

Topping E70 Velvet AK4499EX DAC $350

Topping D90 III Sabre DAC $680

Topping PRE90 Preamplifier $380

Gustard R26 Discrete R2R DAC/Streamer $1484

SABAJ A20d 2022 Version $279

S.M.S.L M300SE $90

S.M.S.L D400ES DAC $384

S.M.S.L D1se DAC $503

Gustard A26 DAC Dual AK4499EX $1200

Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC $416

Some fun accessories on Aliexpress to finish off the look of your system.

The 20x20x14mm feet will raise up your amplifier with plenty of air space underneath for $1.17

Shiny black end caps, the 8mm fits RCA and Coax, and the 6mm fits over a bluetooth antenna adapter.

3M double sided pads which are nice for fastening things down like a USB hub.

Cable organizers, lot of different styles of these. I also get the rolls of velcro to custom snip the size needed.

USB rocker switch for things like a Topping D10b that doesn't have a power switch $1.38

Bought hundreds of these, they never fail or jam.
6.35mm 1/4 to 3.5mm 1/8 Adapter Extender Cable $3 for a 3 pack.

These Bluetooth antennas are identical in range and looks to the low profile Topping and SMSL antennas $6 two pack.
Insane deal for Klipsch SPL-150's. Bought 2 to replace my SPL-120's

AV10 and AMP10 are listed as coming soon, but something like the Cinema 30 is just $2774.25!
Amp 10 ~4600 and available now. That’s a pretty chill deal for 16 channels. Only thing I don’t like is a 1 year warranty
Crutchfield is having a 20% sale on Anthem AVRs.

This is a neat one, it's on Aliexpress and these are all multi-kit 3 tip (3.5mm, 4.4mm, 2.5mm) sets for all popular headphones, with lengths up to 5 meters. These are about 1/4 the price of the custom places. I don't believe in spending $125 to get a multi-kit headphone cable for a $125 pair of headphones.

There's several places with them for IEMs, but cable kits for all the headphones, it was nice to stumble on to it. It's the same seller, but they have 1,700+ listings to sift through. All are currently on sale this week.
$40 off this passive audio switcher,

Kramer VS-4X VS-4X; 4x1 Balanced Stereo Audio Mechanical Switcher​

With promo spc-4x. Sale price $212

Talk about a DEAL. Wish I needed a pair of M106’s.
I was able to get a pear of Kali Audio IN-5 monitors from Westlake Pro for $540. They sell the Kali Audio IN-5-C for $299.00 each. If you do a search you may be able to find the 10% off coupon I used. They sent me the IN-5 instead of the IN-5-C; however, that doesn't bother me for my use case.
Topping A70Pro new $337 with
coupon code APOS10 if you sign up as a new customer.

Topping A30Pro (silver, used with 1yr warranty) $150

S.M.S.L D1se balanced DAC $503 (used with warranty)

S.M.S.L D400ES ES9039MSPRO DAC - Used $384

ADI2 DAC FS Ultra-fidelity 2 Channel DA Converter and Headphone Amplifier $903
Note: This is Tradeport and I haven't bought from them before, check if it comes with warranty like Hifi-College and Aoshida-US does on their used items.

Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC $336 used (Amazon warehouse, no warranty)

Topping L50 amplifier (silver, used w warranty) $100

SABAJ A20d 2022 Version Amp/DAC $279 (Hifi Booster, check for warranty or not)

Thieaudio Ghost new $49
I have two of these. If you like the Sennhseiser HD600/650 fit and tuning, RUN do not walk and get these at this price, they're usually $119 and worth double that.

Topping PA3S Power Amplifier $85 used w warranty

Topping L70 Amplifier used - $250 with warranty

Topping PRE90 Preamplifier - used with warranty $380

Topping L30 II used with warranty $100

If you get stuck buying something used on Amazon and can't get warranty support (or from the Warehouse where there's no warranty) then they have the Asurion extended warranty for past purchases through Amazon up to 1 year ago. It's complete coverage, and $17 a month. Just sign up if you need it and 30 days later it kicks in. This can be well worth it for heavy stuff like speakers, since they pay for shipping the broken item to them.
I work direct with Hifi-College, SMSL Factory Store, and Aoshida-US and can vouch for their warranty service (they use Amazon transportation network, so you return it to an access point in the U.S.). Anyone else and it's buyer beware, and the Warehouse doesn't cover anything. This package covers damage too, like drops and cracked screens or headphones broken. Makes for a good backup plan for some things if you're stuck.

Drop has a 4th of July sale with some good deals on audio stuff, not just doom scrolling past the keyboards.
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Amazon has a refurbished LG V30 for $70.84 which makes for an excellent DAP at a great price.

I'm guessing you can expand the storage? What would be the max size SD card you can use?
Would be a decent thing to use at my favorite State Park, no cell connection at all there, so no streaming, and my old FiiO X5iii is painfully clunky and slow.
I'm guessing you can expand the storage? What would be the max size SD card you can use?
Would be a decent thing to use at my favorite State Park, no cell connection at all there, so no streaming, and my old FiiO X5iii is painfully clunky and slow.
Up to 2 Tb with 2 SDs in available 2 slots
Some Revel Performa3 close-out stock still available at Crutchfield (USA), might be available at other dealers also:

B112v2 and B110v2 subwoofers at 50% off, at $1925 and $1375, respectively.

Other models are available at the now long-time close-out prices:

F208 $3950 pr; F206 $2695 pr; M106 $1540 pr; M105 $1155 pr; M stands $385 pr; C205 $770, stand $231.

Why not put together a killer Revel/Denon multi-channel system with these Crutchfield deals on the Denon X3800H:

New 20% off $1359; open-box $1156; scratch & dent $1098. :cool:
Edit: Lightning Deal Ended
New HIFIMAN Edition XS - $269.

Amazon Lightning Deal! Get it while it lasts. These are my daily drivers. Love the soundstage.
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