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Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

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Amp/Streamer Rotel S14, Black, $999.99 ($2,499.99) at Crutchfield :
Got some solid bargains this time from several different places.
In the eBay app, they have an offer 15 percent off their new online gift cards.
Capitol One has 4 percent off eBay and 3 percent off Aliexpress.
For Aliexpress, there's a 2024 calendar for the upcoming big sales (there's 4 major ones each year) at:

Apos if you sign up for a new account. Stack that with a cash back credit card, they don't charge tax and free shipping. I just got a warranty replacement on an A90 I bought recertified and they did great.
10% off for New Customers. Apply APOS10

SMSL SH-X Desktop Headphone Amplifier $559

Moondrop Kato Dynamic Driver IEM $104 (good condition)


For Amazon, if it's sold by Hifi-College or Aoshida-US, they have a 1 year warranty on used stuff. If it's "sold by" Amazon warehouse/recertified then it doesn't. Shipped by Amazon doesn't make a difference, just who's listed as the seller.

Topping E70 Velvet AK4499EX DAC (black) $350

Topping D90III Sabre DAC (black) $629

SMSL C200 Balanced Headphone Amplifier/DAC $109

TOPPING DX3Pro+ (black) $99

Topping D90LE (black) $650

S.M.S.L D1se Balanced DAC $503

S.M.S.L Upgraded M300SE DAC $90

Topping A90 Discrete (black) $400

S.M.S.L D300 Balanced DAC $279

Some interesting eBay ones, disclaimer: They aren't my listings, I'm Dunring on eBay, so no conflict of interest.

Benchmark HPA4 Headphone Amplifier Starting bid $1900 with a $2600 buyout (at least until the first bid is placed, then that option turns off)

AKG N5005 Reference Class 5-driver IEM (new) $159

SMSL SU-1 $59 free shipping

Sound Blaster AE-9 (Refurbished) $219 (9038Pro and 1 watt into 32 ohm)

Sound BlasterX G6 portable/external USB Amp/DAC $70

Topping A30Pro amplifier (black) $170
Mercari shifted the fees from the seller to the buyer, so add it up before making them an offer.

SMSL DO100 DAC $150 asking
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Amp/Streamer Rotel S14, Black, $999.99 ($2,499.99) at Crutchfield :
Thank You, @VintageFlanker,;)
I am thinking this "2-channel, streaming+powerAmp" is a good start in the right direction for Rotel.
Now then; I'd become a recurring buyer of their audio products; if-and-only-if they can strip-out the powerAmp section and replace it with some additional *balanced (XLR) and *HDMI2.1 Inputs/Outputs.
I'd be willing the swap-out my Rotel RSP1576 pre/proc for such a product, even if the pricing gets jacked-up to $1600.00 USD.
Crutchfield has a dozen 60% or more off Klipsch and Monitor Audio in wall and ceiling speakers. Nothing special or outstanding, but you can get 5 channels for 750
SVS SB-1000 is selling on Amazon Germany for 300€
Although that's not the latest Pro version, just to let people know, the naming of SVS subs can be a bit confusing, I thought it was the Pro version at first.
That is a crazy good deal.
I get skeptical on a lot of these deals. They always seem to be inflating prices to make it seem like you are getting a massive discount.

I got no clue if the unit is being discounted or getting a version 2. But overall for what you get it sounds reasonable price wise.

On other sites it’s 2k new, audio advice has it as well in black for 999 but silver is 2k which I find odd. So I clearly seeing this trend on going
AudioPrecision states that they have sold more 2700 series than all of the APx5xx.
"...we will be discontinuing service for these analyzers [AP-27xx] after December 31, 2024.
For that reason, we are offering Audio Precision’s best hardware discount to date, allowing you to save up to 25% on a new APx52x, APx58x, or APx555 series analyzer with the trade-in of a 2700 series analyzer.
This news may tank their resale value; yet could be motivational for others.
AudioPrecision states that they have sold more 2700 series than all of the APx5xx.

This news may tank their resale value; yet could be motivational for others.
That seems odd though, if I getting this right, if you trade one 2700 you get 20% off and if you trade three you get 25%.. hmmm. I know the the big boys are expensive but trading more than one doesn’t really make sense.
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