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Marantz SR8015 Review (Home Theater AVR)


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Mar 1, 2016
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Nov 29, 2020
Honest question that’s been driving me nuts— if we’re using an external amp, would we truly be able to discern much difference between the 8015 and the 6014 in a small HT, not placebo or theoretical stuff but real difference?
…. And follow up question- is the jump from 4 ceiling channels to 6 worth the additional cost?
The simple answer is it depends on what type of speakers you have. In my case my room is a dedicated 17x11x8 room, with all Klipsch RP series towers, center, surround and ceiling speakers. When I first moved to an amp about a year ago after 10 years of using my Yamaha as my sole AVR, it completely opened up my speakers to new levels. Sound stage, dialogues and surround improved significantly. With a dedicated amp, you get dedicated full wattage per channel unlike an AVR where the wattage is rated at 2 channel, and in a 5 to 7 channel, the wattage gets divided. Also dedicated amps are just that, AMPS, they are designed to just be an amp, and hence are built with dedicated circuits to ensure each channel is optimally served. Thats why separates are always better if you can afford them, and have the right setup to leverage them. As far as atmos 6/4, again it depends on your room size.
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