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Magnepan event April 12th at Audio Consultants Evanston, Chicago IL


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Mar 22, 2016
South Bend/Mishawaka IN
So it's being promoted as an after hours AXPONA 2019 party, 6-9pm. Also they are supposed to be setting up a permanent display sometime in the month of February, of the 30.7s. I'm going to AXPONA so I will go hear them prior to the show.

Wendell Diller will not be attending, I found out the news on Instagram, I seem to find news there before I see it on Facebook for some reason.

Ironically, I had just contacted Eric on Instagram last week asking about the Wendell road tour status. He said plans were being set up for it to continue in February on the East coast.
I also asked about Audio Consultants 30.7 permanent display which had been set for Oct-Nov time frame. Thats when I found out sometime in February the 30.7s would be delivered.
Regarding AXPONA 2019, Eric told me that the bigger rooms that Wendell wanted were all taken up, and they were on a waiting list. I also heard that AXPONA gives preference to the audio manufactures who have displayed in past years first crack at the big rooms, which makes sense.
AXPONA, has really grown into a huge show now. I had to book offsite for the first time since I started going in 2013. The Renaissance was built for conventions, 500 guest rooms. Many huge rooms for demos and a very Expo room for headphones to vinyl, to every audio accessory you can think of.
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