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Lyngdorf TIDAI-1120 streaming only 44.2Khz


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Nov 14, 2021
Hello, I saw that 1120 doesn't know how to decode MQA's and while doing some tests at home I saw there is a difference in sound quality between what I hear when listening to tidal via Roon compared to when listening directly to tidal. When I entered the web interface of the amp, I saw that the quality received by the amp is higher when using Roon. I am using a trial version of this app and I think it to be quite expensive. Wanted to know if there is a solution to get the same quality to this 1120 or should I used another streaming device? Where is the sound quality difference coming from?


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Mar 27, 2020
I used to be into MQA. If I call Tidal on PC did a software fold (1st unfold) regardless of device. I think the web version of Tidal does not decode MQA at all. You shouldn't need Roon to do the 2nd unfold, There should be a setting in Tidal (PC) to force the audio to the dac and there's another setting to tell Tidal your dac is MQA capable.

I shouldn't tell people how they listen to there music but MQA is complete dogsh*t. Decoded or not, distortion is added (because the MQA encoder adds it), so that means a regular flac is lossless while an MQA flac is lossy. Please don't buy any more DACs & MQA add-ons for software, your only adding to the MQA dumpster fire if you do. You should do more research on MQA.
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