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Luxman SQ-N150 Review (Tube Amplifier)

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Feb 6, 2020
I still use one of those 6U5/6E5 eye tubes as a standalone signal presence indicator. It's not for making measurement of any kind.


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Jun 23, 2021
This is my unit and I just wanted to make a couple of comments.

I accept the testing as accurate and commend Amir for his tireless efforts on our behalf. And I'd much rather know the truth so am not disheartened by the results. I use high efficiency speakers (Omega Super 3i) with the unit and its sounds pretty good - not amazing but pretty good. And Amir is very correct that a smidge too much volume and its distortion city baby. But why is that? For people considering this unit something to keep in mind is that it was designed for the Japanese market where people live in apartments made out of paper, literally. You can hear your neighbors moving around next door and all their conversations that are above a whisper. So a pretty tube amp that sounds best at micro volume with high efficiency speakers makes sense in that context. Sadly, this has a corollary in the US as now our Landed Gentry are forcing us into expensive, small and smaller apartments and condos where those same considerations from Japan apply. Folks in Europe may or may not be able to relate. Old buildings with thick walls are best for audio nirvana IMHO.

I also have class A/B (Rotel RB-1070, Hafler DH-220) and Class D (Topping PA3s, Hypex UcD 400 amp kit)) amps that sound GREAT but had always wanted something that was "Pure Class A" which is the Luxman. Now I realize just how much hype I've been exposed to in the hi-fi/audiophile industry and have the knowledge to make much smarter choices going forward.

I still love Lux. Thanks for sending it for review.
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