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Loxjie P20 possible issues with xlr output

Mar 2, 2020

I recently came across an issue with the balanced connections. I run a MacBook to smsl su-8 balanced to loxjie p20 to akg k712 headphones (balanced cable). The issue I have is that when both of the left/right xlr cables at the back of the loxjie are plugged in, most of the sound is cut out besides some echo. If I remove one cable, the sound is back, but one side comes out as mono to both sides of the headphones.

For troubleshooting, I swapped the headphone cable to the default trs cable and switched the loxjie output setting to output 2 (the trs output) and got the full left/right signal.

I find that odd because setting the loxjie from xlr input to xlr output causes my problems, but doing xlr input to trs output is no issue.

I got a pair of replacement xlr cables on the way. I'm wondering if that will fix it, or if I have to RMA the loxjie.


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Mar 23, 2018
Cape Coral, FL
I bought a returned Loxjie P20 from Amazon Warehouse the other day and it arrived DOA. It seemed really well built. I returned it and purchased a new one from HiFi Express. I also bought a pair of new GE JAN 5670 tubes for $3.99 each because the Chinese 6n3 that come with it are supposed to be junk. I've also read that the 1.67A 12V SMPS that comes with it is under-powered so I bought a cheap 5A 12V SMPS.

I'll post my impressions of the amp when I receive it.

I read that Amir has one to test... I'd like to see it tested. :)

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