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Looking to upgrade desktop setup from DTA-120


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Jun 1, 2019
My current setup is computer going directly into Dayton DTA-120, used with a pair of Sennsheisers HD280 or Micca bookshelves. Not an audiophile's setup by any means, but gets the job done.

I'm about to throw a turntable into that mix, so need a desktop amp with switched inputs, analog input and being able to drive both speakers Micca (or maybe Pioneers) and headphones.

So far, the only two in the sub-$200 range that I've found are:
- Sabaj A4
- Topping MX3

- did I miss anything? are there any more "all in one" options (I do realize there's many more options if I consider a standalone DAC + desktop amp) in that price range?
- which one of the two is a better option?
- would these two be *at least* as good as DTA-120? wouldn't want to step down in terms of audio quality -- and wouldn't object to improve a bit


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Mar 9, 2016
Riverview FL
Does your Turntable have a line-level output?

If not, you'll need something with a Phono input, not just "analog".
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